5 Apps that Encourage Your Child to Learn How to Read

Teaching your child to read is important, but it can be an uphill struggle. Fortunately, we live in such a word that we don’t have to do everything alone and we have amazing tools to help ourselves and our children.

Being literate can help a child through school, and into adulthood when it comes to finding a job, so seeking out tools that can encourage your child to learn how to read is vital. There are tons of apps available for parents to pick from, that can help with learning letters, spelling, vocabulary, and ultimately, reading.

5 awesome apps to help kids learn to read or improve their reading skills.

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5 Apps that Encourage Your Child to Learn How to Read

While you may discourage screen time (I know in many instances we have as well) there are times when it is absolutely appropriate. Plus understanding and being fully technologically literate is important for our digital-native children.

Mad Libs

This classic and funny game use to be on paper, but it’s now digital and completely FREE. Your child can insert a word, and make up their own sentences, while learning how to read.

ABC Wildlife

Children love animals. What better than to mix animals and learning new vocabulary!

StoryKit app

Your child can learn to make their own story, and learn how to read along the way! So it inspires creativity as well as helps them learn to read.

Word Bingo

This kids’ app brings learning basic words and bingo together making it a fun and engaging experience while you can rest assured they’re still learning and not “just” playing.

Young Readers EPUB ebooks for free download

Your child can have access to many free ebooks that are at their reading level. You can spend time reading these ebooks with your child too!

Are you a parent that has been using apps to help your child learn how to read?

There are many more apps out there available for your child to learn how to read. Some are free, and some are paid apps. It’s important that you take advantage of these opportunities as early as possible, so your child can master the basics of reading.

I would love to hear your experiences both with those listed above and other great resources you and your child have discovered.

Kara is the mother of 3 children living and working in Boston, MA. She hates to spend money and absolutely has to know that every penny is worth it before buying. Her educational focus both as a student and a teacher was research… she has put those skills to good use to make wise purchases.

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