The best Cyber Monday Deals 2016

Cyber Monday is one of my favorite days to find the best deals online before Christmas. Why? Because since 2012 I have been pregnant or had babies in the house and it’s so much easier than trying to get out to a storefront.

The Best 2016 Cyber Monday Deals

We took the time to scroll through pages and pages of deals to find some of the best bang for your buck or some of the most popular items. Literally, I spent several hours compiling this list and going through great items filtering out what’s worth your time and the money.


All links are through Amazon affiliate ads; thank you for helping put food on our table with your purchases. 

Kids, Baby Gear, & Toys

Books from some of our favorite kid lit authors in the bundles!

We have both a Single and Double BOB and love both of them.

Our Favorite Kitchen Deals

We have metal straws from this company and LOVE them so I am getting smoothie size this time!

High Tech Cyber Monday Picks

Tools and Hardware

Kara is the mother of 3 children living and working in Boston, MA. She hates to spend money and absolutely has to know that every penny is worth it before buying. Her educational focus both as a student and a teacher was research… she has put those skills to good use to make wise purchases.

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