7+ Disney World apps to download before your next Orlando Vacation

Wandering around Magic Kingdom with our young kids, I quickly realized that this was not the park I knew from childhood.

In fact, my husband asked what it would be like to be at Disney World without technology and to just leave the phones behind.

My mom and I laughed as we pointed out just how invaluable the Disney apps were and just how helpful each were in making the trip a true success, especially with kids 4 and under.


List fo the best apps to download before visiting Disneyworld with your family. Reviews of each on and how to use them to make your family vacation easier.

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At first when we visited Disney World Orlando in the fall, we kind of just went with the flow. Little did we know until after we were there that there are a world of apps to make our Disney experience easier to navigate and plan.

In fact, having a toddler in tow meant she was less than enthusiastic about waiting in lines, so being able to pull out a phone and check to see shortest wait time or get a fastpass for a ride right then became the most valuable tool and resource we had while at the parks.

The best apps to have on your phone when visiting DisneyWorld

If you are headed to the Disney Parks you want to be armed with knowledge and a few helpful apps to make your trip go smoother and help keep the fun going. I have gathered up 7 apps for you that will make your experience at Disney even better, check them out and grab the ones that you love. Whether it’s your first time or your 101st you will likely find something here. Have Fun!

My Disney Experience

This is the ultimate must have  app for visiting Disney. With it, you will be able to:

  • purchase tickets, see wait times
  • select fastpass+ options
  • get a gps map of the park
  • keep track of your photopass pictures
  • and a whole lot more

I would advise downloading it well in advance of your trip and familiarizing yourself with it so you get the most out of it. As soon as you link the app to your tickets you can select your first three fastpass+ options- definitely take advantage of this feature!

Also if you want to enjoy character dining you can book reservations with this app and you should do so as far in advance as possible, sometimes they run out of reservation spots months in advance.

Get it here: iOS, Android

Disney World Wait Times & Touring Plans App

From Undercovertourist.com there is an app for Disney that is a great tool to have on your phone. It gives you pretty accurate wait times and suggestions for ride order, depending on your age groups, and other factors. It also gives crowd levels and suggestions for the best (least busy) times to visit the parks.

Get it here: iOS, Android

Family Locator App

This one is great if you are going in a very big group and will be splitting up but want to find each other to meet up for lunches, shows, etc. Or if you have a teen or two who wants to go off on their own for a bit. You can set it to share your location with an approved group of people to make it really easy to find one another.

Get it here: iOS, Android

WDW Radio

While this one might be mostly useful mainly for planning your trip, perhaps on the way to the park, it could also be used to kill  time while waiting in long lines. It is a collection of podcasts on all things Disney- Park history, planning tips, trivia, etc…

Get it here: iOS, Android

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Maps App

Wait times, GPS, Photos, Maps (including bathrooms) If you are ppregnant mom like I was when visiting, or have a kid who has a bladder the size of a pea you are going to want to know where each and every potty is. This app comes in super handy and you only need a network connection for line wait times.

Get it here: iOS

Hidden Mickeys App

Fun for helping you spot those famous Mickeys hidden in plain sight all over the park -there are over 1,000 in the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Resorts, and Hollywood Studios. They are woven into tapestries, carpet, carved into stone, etched in glass, and other right in your face but slightly disguised places. This one does cost between $7-$8 so you have to weigh if that is worth the money for what it brings to your trip.

Get it here: iOS, Android

Pokemon Go

Okay, I know… what place does this have in a Disney App post? Trust me… if you have #1 Pokemon fan and/or #2 a child who struggles with waiting patiently in line- you are gonna want this one… Disney is a treasure trove of Pokemon Stops, Gyms,  and Pokemon.  Pull up your Pokemon Go App while waiting in line at restaurants, and in the evening waiting for fireworks to start to kill some time.

Get it here: iOS, Android

Other Apps for DisneyWorld

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Kara is the mother of 3 children living and working in Boston, MA. She hates to spend money and absolutely has to know that every penny is worth it before buying. Her educational focus both as a student and a teacher was research… she has put those skills to good use to make wise purchases.

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