25 books your kids will gobble up this Thanksgiving

It’s one of my favorite holidays… Thanksgiving. Fall air, lots of food, and a time to reflect on the blessings we have.

It’s perfect.

And I fully believe that just like the reading advent calendars I am sure you’ve seen, kids should be reading about Thanksgiving each day in November to build excitement for such a great fall holiday. Plus, there is such a variety of Thanksgiving related books fro silly turkey adventures to historical fiction.

So pack up, head to the library, and check some of these great books out and then add the ones you enjoyed the most to your home library’s collection to read year after year.

Thanksgiving books for kids about pilgrims, turkeys, and food. Historical fiction, silly stories, and more.

Thanksgiving books for young children

Whether it’s learning the history about why America celebrates thanksgiving and the events that spurred the feast, or learning about the modern holiday and our love of turkeys, there are so many fun books for kids to read.

Plus, if you’re working through a monthly or weekly learning theme, pick a book from every category and you have a great collection!

Thanksgiving Historical Fiction and Books about Pilgrims for kids

Turkey Books for Children

Children’s literature that teaches thankfulness

Other silly & fun Thankfulness and Thanksgiving books for little ones

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