Ways to organize dry goods and food in the pantry

Our family has lived in several different environments in the last 10 years including a 2,500 square foot house with more counter and storage space than you could dream up, a teen tiny apartment with no extra storage, and a small home with a pantry cabinet.

All that said, the key I have found is that organization in your pantry is important no matter how much or little space you have. 


18 Tips for an Organized Pantry

1. How to Organize a Pantry – Place of My Taste shows how to organize a pantry closet with a door using jars and canisters to store food and cooking utensils.

2. Mind-blowing kitchen pantry design ideas – If you’re looking to build your dream home with a massive food pantry, this is your source. There is so much inspiration for all sorts of large pantry ideas.

3. Organizing Your Pantry – Today’s Creative Life shows how to make things fit better and shows that you can definitely choose when it is right to put something into a new container or leave it in its original box for optimal storage.

4. 5 Easy Steps to a Well Organized Pantry – This is also about how to organize your food better by learning to sort it with baskets and containers. 

5. 35 Clever ideas to help organize your kitchen pantry – My favorite idea in this post is working to create vertical storage for muffin tins, paper bags, and cookie sheets. Great ideas if you’re starting over or starting from scratch in designing your pantry. 

6. How To Organize Your Pantry On A Budget – This is one of my favorite posts! There are so many great ways, especially for families, to keep their food in sight and organized well. From writing on tops of jars, cans, and spices to simple ways to keep small food packets together.

7. How to Organize a Small Pantry What I like most about this post is that not only is it a very small pantry, but they have also managed to show how you can still store small appliances in it and make it work.

8. Ikea Pantry Hack – Ikea has great bookcases and even shelving units made for bathrooms and other parts of the house. But if you don’t have a pantry at all and need storage space, they can be made with these inexpensive options and this is just one idea!

9. Five Easy ways To Organize Your Pantry – the hanging mini mason jar idea (that’s in the cover photo) is definitely worth a look in this great post.

10. Perfectly Charming Pantry Substitute – Again, if you don’t have a pantry, this is another wonderful idea of utilizing wasted and open spaces to make one of your own, even if it’s small.

11. Organized Pantry Reveal – Learn how to make typical cabinet space into a functional pantry with this beautiful food storage design.

12. Pantry Organizing Makeover – With a few great chalkboard baskets, this eye-catching, but functional pantry could be yours!

13. Pantry Storage Ideas – Learn how to make the most of your pantry and know the rules of how to keep stock of your pantry and the little things that make life easier that you may otherwise glance over like a light or a rolling cart for when you go traveling.

14. Spice Storage Ideas and Solutions – I love all the unique ways you can create your own spice rack that suits your needs, your style, and your organization.

15. Pantry Organization Labels – These labels as seen in the first picture in the cover photo are the BEST! What a great idea to not only store your food but make sure you never have to dig for recipes or instructions again.

16. DIY Pantry Makeover – Add pull out trays like in this DIY home project.

17. Pantry Organization – There are a wide variety of tips in this article about labeling, maximizing space, and stocking up on shelf stable foods.

18. Open Shelving Pantry – Finally, even if you don’t have pantry space or the means to put in a make-shift food closet, this is an open space concept that looks beautiful and is very functional as well.

What has or has not worked for you when
organizing your shelf-stable food?


Kara is the mother of 3 children living and working in Boston, MA. She hates to spend money and absolutely has to know that every penny is worth it before buying. Her educational focus both as a student and a teacher was research… she has put those skills to good use to make wise purchases.

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